Giovanni Menta, Davide Curcio, Matteo Fogaroli



The project is regarding the Photo Museum of Budapest and the Hungarian Museum of Architecture.
The area is situated on the main park’s entrance and the two museums will be the new door near the sculptural work ‘Ötvenhatosok Tere’. We see Architecture and photography as two face of the same theme. Engendered by a single womb, but different like “fraternal twins”, the two museums acquire typical features, which outline their personality and function.
The architectures present themselves as a unique, innovative synthesis between volume and aesthetics, whose dimensional relations outlining their volume are due to the functional program planned for the two museums.
The museums reach one maximum height – lower than the height of the overlooking buildings -in order not to overcome the existing, so that the city can be perceived from the park by means of elements which accompany the look towards the city itself, setting it off.
The regular architectural masses will be then dematerialized by the strongly informal style of the facade, which will crucially characterize the aesthetic appearance of the museums: they will live, change and develop according to weather, climate and seasons thanks to a continuous and unforeseen recreational relationship with the sunlight.
In the night the energy gathered during the day will be returned to the park in the form of light through the piercing holes in the facade, so that the museums of photography and architecture can be a symbol and a dynamic, forever becoming visual landmark.

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  • Date 1 novembre 2013
  • Tags Architecture